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Previous events

After-Concert - Symphony in the Flint Hills

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The magnificent Symphony in the Flint has the Kansas City Symphony playing on a giant, temporary soundstage in a vast Flint Hills pasture as the sun goes down. After the concert, The Land Band (Ann is the piano player) plays an after-concert full of fiddle tunes, waltzes and some of Ann's own songs. Come for the whole day's legendary event.

Matfield Green events

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Matfield Green, KS, Matfield Green, KS

Ann and the Land Band play an evening barn dance at Pioneer Bluffs barn dance - all ages, all experience levels welcome. And earlier in the day, we will have a singalong potluck. Using the book "Rise Up Singing" as our hymnal, we will sing everybody's requests until we're sung out - if that's possible. Ann is the piano player. Contact Ann for singalong location.